Frequently Asked Questions

What does AOLANDUO Signify?

AOLANDUO isn't just a name; it's a promise of excellence and artistry in every haircut. Embodying the fusion of quality and craftsmanship,it is not just the cutting-edge technology or superior materials; it's the marriage of form and function.

What material are AOLANDUO hair shears made of?

Our hair shears are crafted from the finest Japanese steel, enriched with cobalt and molybdenum alloys,This meticulous combination of materials ensures not just durability but a cutting-edge performance that surpasses expectations.

How to hold hair scissors like a PRO? Does the finger hold (ring) fit?

In order to maintain dexterity of operation, when placing your fingers into the finger ring, never place your thumb too far beyond the first joint of the thumb and not beyond the second joint of the ring finger. This is an industry design standard

Can the scissors be used to cut other items?

These hairdressing scissors are recommended to be used only for cutting people's hair (both dry and wet) and not for cutting any other items.

How long do scissors need to be sharpened?

Regularly clean shears using a good quality cleaning cloth and properly lubricate it with Shear Lubricant. Get your shears sharpened every 500 haircuts or 3-4 months.

Do you have an Amazon flagship store?

Yes, the link to the US site is