Care & Cleaning

Give your beloved scissors the proper care and they will stay with you longer. Here are some suggestions for proper care and maintenance of your barber shears

1) Use a specially designed professional clipper case, fabric tool roll, purse or acrylic holder to store your clippers.
Clean and oil your hair clippers regularly (once a day around the screw head and between the blades). Choose the correct type of oil provided by the manufacturer or your sharpening service provider.

2) After cleaning your hair clippers, place them on a rack for drying and dry them completely before placing them in your storage container. Always close your hair clippers when not in use, this will prevent the blades from being scratched or damaged and may prevent serious personal injury from catching the razor sharp area of an open scissor blade.

3) If your clippers are damaged, have them sharpened immediately, or stop using them until they are sharpened. Continued use will result in extensive repair work later.

4) Never try to finish cutting if there is resistance in the hair section. This is one of the most important rules for maintaining shears and is the most common cause of damage to scissors. Forcing the blades to cut can severely damage the edges, and this should be replaced by cutting small amounts of hair.

5) Check the tension of your clippers regularly. If it is too tight, the blades will rub against each other when cutting, too loose and the blades will fold and bend the hair instead of cutting.

6) After a period of use, hair clippers will gradually lose their sharpness. This will result in the need to apply extra pressure with your hands to make the cut. This happens so slowly that you won't even notice it, and it will not only cause damage to the blades and edges, but it will also leave your hands sore.

Normally, you should sharpen your hair clippers once every 1000 cuts; however, the frequency of sharpening depends on the type of hair, wet or dry, clean or dirty, and proper sharpening will make your clippers last longer.

7) People often mistakenly believe that scissors are stainless steel, so nothing can damage them. Even if we use high end Japanese Aichi stainless steel, some hair dye and perms can still cause small pockmarks on the blades. So please wipe them with a scissor cleaning cloth after you finish using them so they will stay in good condition for a longer time.